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NanoDomi is a growing company, operating in the renewable energy sector.

Net metering

We carry out the full economic and technical study of your investment, investigating the cost, the technical characteristics, the supply of the technical equipment and the layout of the space. In addition, through our network of certified partners, we undertake the installation of the equipment and the interconnection to the energy network.

Project Licensing

We undertake to draw up the licensing file for your PV installation, if required. Also in period when licenses are closed, we undertake to help you buy or sell licenses.

Heat Pumps

Nanodomi, together with its nationwide network of partners, offers integrated solutions for supply as well as installation, maintenance and repair of heat pumps throughout Greece. Contact us and learn more.

Green funding

We provide direct financing up to 100% of the total investment amount of the photovoltaic installation through the “Free electricity forever” / “Δωρεάν ρεύμα για πάντα” and “Invest in savings” / “Επενδύστε στην εξοικονόμηση” programs of Piraeus Bank.


We undertake the drafting of the subsidy file for your PV installation as well as its inclusion in the PPC distribution system in accordance with the benefits offered to you by state laws.

Turn key solutions

Through our network of authorized partners throughout Greece, we provide installation services in photovoltaic systems, heat pumps or complete projects, delivering the project to you ready for use.

Energy saving studies

We undertake the preparation of energy saving and management studies for both new and existing buildings/facilities, proposing the best solutions for their design or energy upgrade. In this way, we achieve a reduction in energy needs and consequently a reduction in their operating costs.

Maintenance & Project Management

Through our network of authorized partners throughout Greece, we provide maintenance services using integrated packages that help optimize the performance of the PV system. We also secure the correct installation of your project, supervising the work carried out at each stage of its installation, thus ensuring your photovoltaic investment.

Affiliate Program:

Through the “Certified Partners” project, NanoDomi has developed a network of partners throughout Greece.

Repair Center:

NanoDomi provides new services for repair, inspection & upgrade of industrial equipment in a new specialized area.