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Subsidies - Funding of Green Energy Interventions

We undertake the drafting of the subsidy file for your PV installation as well as its inclusion in the PPC distribution system in accordance with the benefits offered to you by state laws.

Subsidies for green transition

In recent years, more and more countries are turning even more dynamically to renewable energy sources, in order to achieve sustainable development. The awareness of the destructive consequences of environmental pollution combined with the ever-increasing need for energy consumption, has mobilized a series of actions in the world towards a more efficient production and use of renewable energy sources such as solar.

Therefore, alongside the initiatives undertaken by the EU and the funds it provides, Greece supports this transition in practice and proceeds with the planning regarding the circular economy, a huge field of actions with various opportunities and challenges in governmental, business and in personal level.

These actions refer to financial facilities/subsidies, which make the installation and utilization of RES easy and affordable for everyone.

NanoDomi’s Subsidy Services

NanoDomi, being in full alignment with this goal, is close to the investor/installer by offering:

  • Full information/presentation of all available energy upgrade programs concerning your business or household.
  • Undertaking your integration process, in the available energy upgrade programs.
  • Suggesting the necessary actions for optimal energy savings in your home.
  • Supplying you with the necessary equipment.Installing the necessary equipment through its large specialist network and reliable professionals, throughout Greece.

For more information or questions do not hesitate to contact us!