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Project Licensing

We undertake to draw up the licensing file for your PV installation, if required. Also in period when licenses are closed, we undertake to help you buy or sell licenses.

With a successful presence for more than 10 years in the area of ​​Renewable Energy Sources, NanoDomi can be proud of its extensive experience in the development, study and installation of photovoltaic projects. An important factor for this success has been the excellent and efficient cooperation with each investor / installer from the very first stage of a project’s implementation, which is the licensing.

Thanks to the immediate information about the process to be carried out, the time consistency and the overall support, we have created the right conditions for an effective collaboration in order to implement a project.

In other words at NanoDomi:

  • We know the process.
  • We act immediately.
  • We take care of all the paperwork for you.

In detail, the services we provide for the licensing of a Photovoltaic Park / Net Metering / Feed-in Tariff project are:

  • Update on required / supporting documents.
  • Processing of all necessary supporting documents (survey, forest office, archaeology, various approvals, PPD, etc.) required by DEDDIE. (For PV Parks)
  • Issuance of environmental licensing permits. (For PV Parks)
  • Finding a suitable (from an economic and practical point of view) plot of land. (For PV Parks)
  • Electrical study, Siting and file completion.
  • Issue of connection terms by DEDDIE.
  • Deposit of guarantee to DEDDIE.
  • Creation of a file for electronic filing on the DEDDIE platform, with electronic signatures by our engineer.
  • Monitoring the progress of the licensing process.
  • Submission of documents for each stage of licensing, signing of a connection contract (with DEDDIE) and netting contract (with the provider), on behalf of the client with authorizations to our engineers.Certification of the meter by DEDDIE.

Important note:

Licensing procedures and times vary depending on the power of the PV system.

For more information or questions do not hesitate to contact us!