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Maintenance & Project Management

NanoDomi, through our network of authorized and certified partners throughout Greece, undertakes Management and Maintenance in projects it has implemented or in existing installations of renewable energy sources.

We provide management/maintenance services in large as well as smaller projects. In this way, we guarantee the correct adherence to the program, the correct installation of the project as well as its perfect operation during its delivery and in the future.

Project Management

In particular, NanoDomi provides project management services, with the aim of completing complex and high-scale projects even in difficult locations. All technical actions are managed with strict planning and quality control. Supervision is carried out by qualified technicians who know the installation requirements of the project and the challenges for its proper and efficient operation. NanoDomi and its nationwide network of partners, is present throughout the project from the beginning of the studies to its final delivery (supervising the work carried out at each stage of its installation). The experience of the company and our partners as well as the sophisticated project management methods are applied efficiently and according to the customer’s requirements, ensuring the perfect delivery of the installation within time and cost, thus securing your photovoltaic investment.


We undertake the comprehensive and detailed inspection of your photovoltaic system (by visiting the project site and/or using telemetry). NanoDomi and its specialized partners have the required experience as well as appropriate equipment for monitoring and optimizing the performance of a PV system. In this way, all possible points of wear or any problems in its performance can be identified. So, proper maintenance is achieved, correct operation control of the installation is achieved and the best possible performance and operation of the system is ensured in the present time and in the future.

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