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Energy saving studies

We undertake the preparation of energy saving and management studies for both new and existing buildings/facilities.

Every modern home/business has facilities for lighting, heating, hot water production, etc. For the operation of all the devices that make up the aforementioned facilities, significant amounts of energy are consumed, the cost of which is quite high and increases every year. Therefore, one of the most basic expenses for a household or a business is their energy costs.

The goal of every home/business owner or investor in general, is to limit this cost by saving as much energy as possible or producing it for self-consumption.

Thanks to its many years of experience in renewable energy technologies (photovoltaic systems, heat pumps, etc.) and possessing the necessary know-how, NanoDomi undertakes the preparation of energy production, conservation and utilization studies. Our highly qualified staff (mechanical/electrical engineers) will analyze your energy needs and propose solutions focused on upgrading the energy class of your home/business and utilization/saving of energy through innovative energy systems.

Study Stages

  • Visit of engineers to the facility. (Optional)
  • Collection of data from the installation. (Investor’s energy requirements, possible ways to save energy, etc.)
  • Analysis of the data collected.
  • Techno-economic study of energy saving. (Calculation of investment cost, profit from energy production/saving and investment payback time)
  • Evaluation of study results.
  • Performance of an analytical techno-economic offer that includes advice and proposals.


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