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Green funding - Financing of Green Energy Interventions

We provide direct financing up to 100% of the total investment amount of the photovoltaic installation through the “Free electricity forever” / “Επενδύστε στην εξοικονόμηση” and “Invest in savings” / “Δωρεάν ρεύμα & Θέρμανση” programs of Piraeus Bank.

Financing of green energy interventions

NanoDomi recognizes the ever increasing interest from individuals and small businesses in the energy upgrade of their buildings, and in combination with the current lack of capital, provides together with integrated solutions of quality products and services, the option of financing up to 100% of total amount of the investment for energy upgrading through the programs:

  • “Invest in saving” / “Επενδύστε στην εξοικονόμηση”
  • “Free Electricity & Heating” / “Δωρεάν ρεύμα & Θέρμανση”


NanoDomi has the experience and knowledge to guarantee the return on your investment in savings as well as the reliability confirmed by our selection as a partner for green financing by the banks.

The services of NanoDomi and its partner network:

Thanks to our long-term experience in installation and energy saving studies, NanoDomi undertakes through its network of representative partners:

  • to plan
  • to fund
  • to installto preserve your energy investment

The goal is always to make an investment that will guarantee maximum returns over time and meet your individual needs. We undertake the entire process for you, suggesting the best solution.

"Invest in saving" / “Επενδύστε στην εξοικονόμηση” program:

Financing Green Energy Saving Interventions

At NanoDomi we support your investment by maximizing the result of green interventions, providing the optiom of lending without equity (up to 100% of the total investment amount) for energy upgrading through our “Invest in Savings” / “Επενδύστε στην εξοικονόμηση” program.

The energy upgrade may cover the following interventions:

  • Purchase and installation of a photovoltaic system
  • Home improvement through green technical interventions
  • Purchase of RES systems for heating-cooling
  • Purchase of RES systems for domestic hot water
  • Buy green appliances

"Free Electricity & Heating" / "Δωρεάν ρεύμα & Θέρμανση" program:

Financing of Self-Generating Photovoltaic Systems (net metering)

NanoDomi’s Self-generated electricity program enables the consumer to produce the electricity he needs, zeroing out the electricity costs.

NanoDomi, through its “Free Power Forever” / “Δωρεάν ρεύμα & Θέρμανση program, provides the option of financing up to 100% of the total amount of the photovoltaic installation investment.

In this way, the consumer can secure Free electricity forever with zero initial capital.

Frequent questions:

Why should I join Nanodomi's Green financing programs?

Energy costs are one of the main costs of the building sector for both homes and small businesses.

Joining Nanodomi’s Green financing programs offer:

  • reducing energy costs and fixed economical costs
  • energy upgrading of the buildings and increasing their resale value·       environmental protection and reduction of the energy footprint of the building
  • implementation of the upgrades with almost zero cost
How can I join Nanodomi's Green Financing programs?

Contact us and one of our associates from our network of Photovoltaic professionals in Greece will inform you in detail!

Our specialized engineers will undertake the energy upgrade offering:

  • building needs analysis
  • free economic and technical study
  • proposed financing scheme aimed at optimal payback
How can I maximize my benefit?

With the parallel use of a photovoltaic system and heat pumps, zero heating – cooling – domestic hot water costs are ensured.

Read here the example of combining PV self-generation system with heat pump which is the optimal solution to ensure free electricity forever!

What are the funding requirements and what are the details of the funding scheme?

NanoDomi, with its Green financing programs in collaboration with Piraeus Bank, offers immediate and flexible financing. The loan approval time is reached within 48 hours, without requiring the interested party to visit a bank branch and without pre-notification of the property. All that is required, is that the customer’s profile is compatible with the assumptions of the banking system.

Funding includes:

  • lending from 0% down payment (upfront equity of at least 20% of the investment is suggested, for more favorable treatment from the bank as well as to maximize profit)
  • lending from 800€ up to 40,000€
  • loan duration 6-48 months for amounts <=6,000€, and 6-84 months for amounts >6,001€
  • fixed interest rate 8.75% (nominal) – 9.35% (final)·      loan application free of charge (no envelope fees)

Loan calculator: // This script is explained line by line in depth in the following video: // http://www.developphp.com/view.php?tid=1389 function computeLoan(){ var amount = document.getElementById('amount').value; var interest_rate = 9.35 var months = document.getElementById('months').value; var interest = (((interest_rate * .01) / 12) * amount); var pay = (1 - Math.pow((1 + ((interest_rate * .01)/ 12)),((-1)*(months)))); <!--var interest = (amount * (interest_rate * .01)) / months; var payment = (interest / pay).toFixed(2); payment = payment.toString().replace(/\B(?=(\d{3})+(?!\d))/g, ","); document.getElementById('payment').innerHTML = "Monthly installment = €"+payment; }


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